Monday, June 30, 2008

Posting from the Road

This is a post via email testing the system.


Welcome to our store blog. With this forum I'll try to keep you informed of what goes on behind and in front of the scenes at The Golden Apple Learning Store. The Golden Apple is a 30 year old business serving the San Francisco Bay Area. We started as a teacher store, and have since grown to provide a range of educational materials and toys for teachers, parents, grandparents and more. Our store has a website - but this is not it. This blog will be the place where I, along with some of our great employees, share a bigger picture.

At this moment, I am getting ready to travel. I am off for a few weeks to Stockholm, Helsinki, Riga and Berlin. This blog is new today, so rather than start and then stop, I plan to try posting as I travel, sharing items of interest - especially about toys, education and kids. So for the next few weeks, just consider this a travel blog. Watch for expanded features when I return.