Friday, October 16, 2009

Is Merit Pay for Teachers Effective? Maybe not...

Education Secretary Arne Duncan says paying public school teachers based on their performance is his "highest priority," and he plans to dole out hundreds of millions of dollars to states and school systems that embrace the idea. The Detroit News says the idea isn't such a slam-dunk... Read More

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Non-Candy Treats for Halloween

When I was of Trick-or-Treating age, I was on a food-allergy restricted diet. No chocolate for poor little me. My 15 pound pillow case stuffed with Snickers Bars, Almond Joys and Baby Ruths (and one toothbrush from a quixotic dentist) got upended on the trading floor to be exchanged for Smarties, Lemon Heads and Pixie Sticks. Other than the dentist, no-one thought twice about the pounds of candy we collected. I just remember thinking it wasn't enough, and plotting ways to gather more the next year.
Have things changed? Well, I can eat chocolate, and it seems that someone is now paying attention to the massive amounts of candy that come in to children's lives during the holiday season. I'm always for moderation, and since the Golden Apple doesn't sell candy, and does sell some really cool alternatives to candy, I'm in favor of it! Not all of them are as cheap as a Pixie Stick, but they do cost less than dental work, and kids get to enjoy them for much longer. Our top 5 suggestions:

    1. Halloween Pencils
    2. Iwako Erasers
    3. Wikki Sticks
    4. Pencil Toppers
    5. Rocks and Minerals (don't worry, kids do love them!)

Try it out, maybe the kids will appreciate your refreshing approach to tradition. Maybe they will soap your windows. No promises.