Monday, September 27, 2010

10 More Years!

A wonderful thing about being in our 4th decade is it gives us confidence. Yes, the economy is rough, and teacher stores are'nt fairing very well in general, but we've seen some of this before, and like a shark, you keep swimming or you sink.

It's easy to divide our business into decades, because we sign a 10 year lease. We just signed up again, and that decision generates ideas and thoughts on how we can improve. During the month of October, be prepared to see some dust, because we will be remodeling and rearranging our store to get ready for the next decade! I'll be creating a photo gallery and video gallery documenting the changes, and we'll let you know what these excitng changes will mean to you...

A Longer School Year?

President Obama has called for a longer school year, and increasing teacher pay.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bring in the Fun, Bring in the Toyz

Seasons change fast, and the gap between Back-To-School and Toy Season is now non-existent. As we have increased our toy selection, we've found that our old way of waiting till the 1st of October doesn't fly. Many of the toy orders get booked in February, so stores are sure to have inventory in November. If we waited, customers wouldn't see the best and the newest on our shelves. We did place our orders, but we put a delivery date of September on them, so we wouldn't be up to our ears in both teachers and toys. Guess what? It's September - and the huge boxes (toys come in HUGE boxes) are arriving every day, and we are scrambling to find homes for things. Magformers came last week. The new Construction and Emergency sets are very exciting. Move over Plan Books!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Educational Trends - Sweet!

In case you were wondering what the trend for Back to School this year is - and aren't teachers are always the fashionistas? It was Chocolate Dots! Make of it what you will!