Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stepping Up Our Game with Pinterest

We're on Pinterest now.  You may think Pinterest is the flavor of the month, but here's what I've noticed already, and i've only been on for two days  - Pinterest puts you in touch with blogs.  These blogs may or may not have been wallowing in obscurity (I know this one does) but an interesting image, posted to Pinterest, has the power to draw you to a blog that you would have never come across.  Words may have substance, but images have impact, and that's what stokes the fires at Pinterest.    I'm going to search now for a popping image to illustrate this post - and if you found this blog because of what ever it was i found, well, there you have it!

Friday, February 17, 2012

The great Summer Workbook throw  down is coming!  We will be featuring two new summer workbooks, and phasing out the original Summer Bridge this year.  Having an academic daily activity is important in the summer, but how do you choose an appropriate workbook?  We're going to do the work for you - we'll be comparing the three books that we have in stock (or have stocked) - Evan Moor's Daily Summer Activities, Teacher Created Resources' Summertime Learning and Rainbow Bridges' Summer Bridge.  Each book is different and each sells for a different price.  We'll provide a detailed matrix to help you choose.  Get ready, we're going to be honest!

A Wealth of Golden Apples!

I was just searching for our blog on Google when I came across another blog called "The Golden Apple Blog".  Not surprisingly, it's for educators, and I thought it was pretty interesting!  Check it out if it's not too confusing to have two Golden Apple Blogs bookmarked!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

We're running a contest this month - write a short piece about why your school should win a visit from our Cat in the Hat costume and you could the visit for Read Across America Day!  Today we got an entry in the form of a poem!

Dr. Seuss really rocks!
He should visit us around the block
at Donlon where we love to read,
read, read, read to succeed! 
Betsy Finney

We can't say she won already, but she has set a standard!
Here's a link to the contest on our FB page!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our web store has been rebuilt - we're making room for e-books, special bundles and our classes starting next month.  If you would like to check out our new site, along with some of our new Bundles - we've added two bundles for kids practicing their thinking skills - GATE testing is just one reason to learn to think!  We've included some fun activities in the bundles to make them different.  Thinking is a rewarding activity on its own, but we like to make it fun too!  Check out our bundles here