Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's Summer, Things Heat Up

Believe it or not, while everyone's taking it slow, we're starting to get busy! I just returned from the ASTRA toy show in Providence, putting the final touches on our holiday toy selection. As soon as I got back to the store, I had to buckle down to getting all the back-to-school orders done - keeps me young this back and forth from toys to school supplies! On top of it, the on-the-ball toy companies ship the new items we ordered in Providence likity-split, meaning boxes are arriving before we've unpacked our luggage.
I'll be writing about a few of the new things on their way. One company I'm excited about is Lego Architect. Kits to build classic American designs like the Seattle Space Needle, Falling Water house and the Guggenhiem Museum. The kits arrived today, and they are cool!