Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Critical Thinking Class for Ages 8-11

I got excited reading the James Madison Course in Critical Thinking from Critical Thinking Press.  It's a great introduction to the subject, and since the upcoming Core standards will be emphasizing critical thinking skills, we thought it would make a great class for us - allowing us to use many of the products that we love to show off - and put them in the hands of students.  Here's the outline of the classes:

8 Classes in Critical Thinking
Problem Solving Strategies • Asking Questions • Working with Logic • Communicating in Teams • Deductive Reasoning • Hands on Problem Solving • Gate Test Preparation
Sessions will start with a mental exercise - hands-on or written.  Games like Solitaire Chess, Chocolate Fix and Pentago will set the tone of the class.  Class session will cover an introduction to a critical thinking or logic concept which students will work through together.  Most sessions will end with a Red Herring type puzzle for the class to solve together.  John MacDougall will be guiding this course.

Session 1; Intro to Critical Thinking I - The Detective Feb 28
Session 2: Intro to Critical Thinking II - Solving the Case Mar 7
Session 3: Critical Thinking & Communication Mar 21
Session 4:Putting it Together with Mr X Mar 28
Session 5:  Logic & Deductive Reasoning Apr 4
Session 6:  Analogies & Mathematical Reasoning Apr 11
Session 7:  Critical Thinking & Science Apr 18
Session 8: Puzzles & Games to Build Thinking Skills Apr 25

Classes are held Thursday afternoons at 4 pm in our classroom. Classes end at approximately 5:15 pm.  Advance reservations are required, and refunds require 48 hour advance notice of cancelation.  We will not be holding class on March 14th.
If you're know someone who would be interested you can find out more at this link