Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Summer Activities Open House

Summer workbooks have become a staple item for kids in our area.  The joy of a summer break is an almost inalienable right, but the academic down-time does have a price.  Busy parents aren't always able to create a summer curriculum from scratch, and opportunities for quality learning need to be researched.  A workbook like Summertime Learning or Daily Summer Activities can provide a great starting place.  This year we're hosting a series of open house events to show off our resources for summer - workbooks, games and more.  We will also be offering discounts, door prizes and benefit nights for local schools.  Our first open house is this Thursday, from 4-8 pm.  Join us and find out how to make summer learning fun!  We also have started our summer learning page - with a comparison of the 3 summer books.