Friday, August 22, 2008

Laptop Lunchbox for Back to School

Several years ago, we began carrying a product called the Laptop Lunch Box. This is a very cool, easy to carry lunch pack, like a bento box, but made of sturdy plastic so you can re-use it. We brought it in for two reasons, one because it is a very smart product. Reason two was that I wanted one myself!
Apparently, the time is right for Laptop Lunches. They are featured in Parent's Magazine this month, and have suddenly become the hottest thing going, both in the store and on our website. They come in three colors, Navy Blue, Pink, and Whimsical (otherwise known as Purple). Laptop Lunches combine several hot trends in one package - they're thrifty, as you can pack left-overs or home-made sandwiches from home; they're ecological, because you don't create waste with extra paper, plastic or packaging; and they are nutritionally correct, because you make the food at home, in controlled portions. I love mine, though I bought it before Whimsical was an option!

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