Saturday, January 30, 2010

An Apple in Every Classroom!

Edutopia is picking up the talk about Apple's big announcement this last week. Educators are weighing in on what this new device means to them. I was surprised at the negative comments, as I'm seeing a classroom tool that should be in every teacher's hands within a very short time. The reason? It's all about the apps. What the device can and can't do is outlined at WiredEducator, but here's the bottom line: the Ipad will be able to do anything you or some other clever person wants it to do. Just like the Iphone. Let's see, Grade Book, Class Roster, Plan Book, along with email and internet. That's while it's on the teacher's desk. Attach it to the Ipodium (or whatever the device turns out to be called) turn on the LED projector and it's good-bye interactive whiteboard. There is no way in the world those instant dinosaurs are going to keep up! If you know anyone in purchasing at any school or school district, tell them to save their money, sell what they have on Ebay and cut their losses today. Just check out what's available right now for the Iphone. That's available today, but once people get their hands on the Ipad, there will be a lot more.
I'm not usually a big tech fan when it comes to education. I think there are often too many bells and whistles and not enough basic skill transfer. The Ipad is not a way of educating, it's a tool for an educator, and as that, I think it will excel.


Anonymous said...

John, I couldn't agree more!! My teaching was transformed last year when I was the lucky recipient of a document camera and LCD projector. Discovered a month ago that I could put my iphone on the cart, get the document camera down close and voila! The map of our neighbor was up on the big screen... anyone know their address? Typed it in, set to satellite and we could find their house! Talk about motivation to go home and learn their address! Now I use my iphone all the time, but I can imagine how much easier it would be to have the ipad! I can't wait to see and try one.
Cathy Griggs
1st Grade Teacher
Oakley Union School District

Anonymous said...

We haven't tried the iPad yet, but we are technogeeks (hubby is a computer engineer) and avid iPhone users including allowing our 5 year old to use specific apps - there are many very good educational games and we have seen how quickly her skills are sharpening even with infrequent use. She (and we) like the writing and math games best so far overall. We're major Mac users, too, so bring on the iPad - so far we are blessed to have a MacBook Pro (mine for about 3 yrs), an iMac (my Xmas present this past year) and hubby has a MacPro setup with multiple monitors. The iPad looks promising and I hope we can give it a whirl once they are available next month. Just call us the happy nerd family! LOL!

Homeschooling and loving it!