Thursday, April 22, 2010

Summer Book Wars Heat Up

It's April - and the endgame has started - parents are starting to ponder the summer brain drain. Keeping kids busy, and keeping minds active during the summer is made even harder this year - many schools in our area have cancelled Summer School. The Golden Apple has offered Summer Bridge books for about 10 years. These books offer a great day to day plan that helps parents keep kids on track. They've updated the books this year, making them more challenging, but also raising the price $1 to $14.95. The books are still a bargain, considering how effective they are at keeping kids skills sharp all summer. This year, they have some competition. Teacher Created Resources, one of our top publishers has published their own book, Summertime Learning. We're very excited about this new entry for a number of reasons. Summertime Learning has a similar schedule, workload and subject area range. It has much better reward stickers and retails for only $9.99! Either book is a great way to keep minds active. For more about these books visit our page devoted to Summer Workbooks. We'll be adding summer reading lists and a wonderful resource guide written by our in-house master teacher Gayla Peek very soon.

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