Thursday, March 28, 2013

Birthday Parties at the Golden Apple

We've started doing Science birthday parties at the Golden Apple.  It's something we've been planning for a long time, but we wanted to get our party room perfect before we started hosting events.  Doing Birthday parties is a natural extension for us, as we have tons of resources and years of experience entertaining kids.
Our parties have a core of science - usually several hands-on activities and a dazzle-dazzle demonstration.  The science is solid, but the emphasis is fun.    We're also including a story time with every party - because we're really good at presenting stories and the kids love it.  If you've got a birthday coming up, check us out - ages 3-10, and we love doing theme parties - so bring us your Angry Birds, your Jedi Knights and your Brave warriors and we'll build a science party around them!

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