Monday, February 17, 2014

It's not easy being an independent retail store these days.  In the last 8 years, 80% of the School Supply stores in the US have closed.  Golden Apple is one of only 2 stores left in all of Northern California.  If we're to stay open for our 3rd generation of customers we need your help - for a start, here are 5 simple things that would be a big help to us:

  1. Let parents know we have a laminator - teachers know this, but parents don't.  We charge about 1/5 as much as Kinkos, and parents love having "masterpieces" laminated.
  2. We have the best flashcards - the ones that really reinforce memorization and understanding.
  3. Science Display Boards - the kids need them, we have them, and so many parents find our store just to buy this item.  When Science Fair time comes around,  let parents know we're here.
  4. Summer Workbooks.  Parents know they need something to help their kids during the summer. Remind them the Golden Apple has exactly what they need.
  5. Before you assign a specific book, or a reading strip, or a pencil grip - send us an email and we'll make sure we have enough in stock - and make sure your students get the right item!
Thanks for your support - we really do appreciate it!

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