Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Children's Book Week

Poetry Month, Teacher Appreciation Week and now it's Children's Book Week (May 11th -May 17th) Here's a link to some of the festivities. I wish I was in the cake decorating business. (Is there a National Cake Decorating Week?) Other than sitting down with a class full of active listeners and knocking their socks off with a good scorcher, I think an appropriate way to celebrate is by taking yourself back - have someone tell you a great story. My choice is E.B. White. His reading of Charlotte's Web is a way to hear a story you think you know, made brand new. Stuart Little is a runner up. I especially like the bitter-sweet ending of SL, it makes you yearn for the days when stories didn't have sequels. Anyway, you can have your Jim Dales and your Meryl Streeps, give me E.B. White's New England intonations and I'm ready curl up in my jammies on the top bunk .

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