Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tweets Don't Fail Me Now!

I'm old. The picture illustrating this post comes from the distant past, my high-school years. For those of you too young to remember; there was a fad that swept the country called CB radio. There is so much explaining required to make CB radio make sense to someone who didn't live through it, I just can't do it. Many sensible people, like my mother, had CB radios installed in their cars, along with giant light saber like antennae bolted to the trunk. All so they could "breaker breaker one-nine" each other as they tootled on down the highway, "driven 55".
Today I registered with Tweeter. Now trust me, I am as hip as the next person. I had "Early Adopter" tattooed on my bicep way before tattoos were cool. But I'm really having trouble distinguishing Twitter from CB radio. There just might not be a there there.
I did find several Tweeters(?) sending haiku - An old pond!/A frog jumps in/The sound of water - which seems like a plot detail from a Kurt Vonnegut story:

Rosewater glanced at the Basho-tron on his desk -
An old pond! A frog jumps in- The sound of water ...
they were playing reruns again.

Other than exchanging haiku, I can't wrap my mind around the value of 140 character communication. The thought of it brings out the Abe Simpson in me.
The point of this post is: you can follow our Golden Apple tweets here! Where our motto is "If you can't say it in 140 characters, then maybe you shouldn't say it at all." QED
(If you need an explanation of the Burt Reynolds image, click here)

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