Friday, May 15, 2009

Ride Your Bike to the Golden Apple

Yesterday was bike to work day in the SF Bay Area (and elsewhere). It was a nice day, and I rode around the city a little before I headed off, just to see how it was going. Everyone was on a bike! I had to attend a meeting downtown, and since there was no safe street parking, I took my bike up the elevator, down the hall and into the meeting room. The only comments were "Oh, Bike to Work Day". It's a Utopian dream for one day.
As part of Bike to Work Week we are planning a "Bike to the Golden Apple" event on Saturday. We had hoped to build it around our Skuut Balance Bikes, but they are out of stock until June. We have scaled it down, but we are still offering 10% off to anyone arriving by bike, prizes for the kids on bikes, Bike Stories, and Bike decorating. You are welcome to ride your bike to the Golden Apple any day, but roll in on Saturday and say hi! (the image above is from "Duck on a Bike" by David Shannon.

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